“Funny you just emailed me. I was just sending out an update to our management and my business partners. Great job guys!

So I tried a new band out last night to fill in for Day in The Life. I liked the sound of them but I was a bit nervous because all I had to go on was a video – tho they had a lot of energy.

The day started off very cloudy and we actually contemplated canceling the band. I reached out to the lead singer and he said he had created an event and had 52 people confirmed. He also sent out a newsletter which helped out a lot.

These guys are from North Jersey mind you! All I can say is they packed the place with a much older and more sophisticated crowd. They were up there dancing and cheering and even participating with the band. It was a crowd that we’ve never seen before. They are a first class band for sure and we definitely want them back! We even had to call a bartender back on duty to relieve Kevin who filled in to handle the overflow.”

David Ziegler
Waters Edge

“As always Great Time with you guys and all the friends!!!!!”
Vee A.

“I loved those Guys they had the crowd Rocking!”
Tom D.

“What a great group of friends!!! And awesome classic rock from The Past Masters! www.TPMrocks.com or on www.Facebook.com/TPMRocks. Yes, a shameless plug for a great Classic Rock Band!!!”

Paul B.